In an age of over-sharpened digital pictures, i am glad that there are still people who appreciate pictures that are a little soft, a little out of focus and with a little more love.

From CK & Sophia’s wedding.



We do maternity pictures as well just in case you were wondering.

Here’s a quick pick from Vincent and Clare’s session last week.


Shall we dance

I met this couple a few months ago when i started taking dance classes for my wedding. They mentioned that they were taking classes for their niece’s wedding and i didn’t really ask more. So it was a surprise when i saw Paul and Regina at their niece Stephanie’s wedding. What are the odds? Guess Singapore really is small.

Here’s a shot i really like from Greg & Steph’s wedding dance.


Gerald and Ziezie

We start off the year with a bang from Gerald & Ziezie’s fun & action packed wedding at Capella & W. There was never a moment where i can stop to rest because there was so much happening.Thanks for being so fun Gerald and Ziezie!EH:)

Venue: Capella , W
Planner: The Wedding Stylist
Videography: SubstanceFilms
Flowers: CCLee Design
Dress: Albert Yanuar
Band: 53A

The little ones

Mel is a very serious person. I guess it comes with the profession (She’s a lawyer) So we were all quite surprised when she started giving out this girlish grin when her mum hugged her. I guess deep down inside, we are all still our parent’s little child.

F a c e b o o k
2 0 1 6   T r a v e l s