AGWPJA Q4 2013

For some reason, the judges at AG|WPJA seem to like my detail pictures (This is my 2nd mentioned image in AG|WPJA and both are in the details found category) Detail shots are important as they serve as a buildup to the bigger picture. Done properly, a simple detail shot can tell much more of a story than an overall shot.


Film Developing

Ever wondered how film is developed and processed inside a photo lab? Well i chanced upon this article which gives you an insight to how a photo lab works.

Have a great weekend everyone!





We are in a age where technology changes at an alarming rate. 30 years ago, no one could imagine that that small slab of metal/glass called a phone could connect you with someone on the other side of the globe. In the world of photography, film is almost dead, with the names of Kodak, Konica and Polaroid stepping into history books. With phone cameras improving by leaps and bounds, who knows what exciting technology the next 30 years will bring.

As we move forward, we have also updated our deliverables from DVDs to Thumbdrives and here a quick picture of our old and new photo packs. 

The above pictures were shot and downloaded onto my phone via this new technology which we have also recently acquired.

The FlashAir card will now enable us to download images from our DSLRs straight into our phones and onto Instagram or Facebook. So do pop by our Facebook ( or Instagram (@39east) page to view the latest updates.







In the midst of going through thousands of images from the numerous weddings over the last few weekends. I was kind of jaded. Yes it happens to us as well.

The good thing is that i often get small little reminders as to why we do what we do. Today i just stopped at this picture.

Yes it is another father hugging daughter picture. I simply love these pictures as they tell me something about their relationship. I can only imagine what is going through Shian’s father’s thoughts at this very moment. This is what makes our job worthy of the grind of looking at countless images. It is but a fraction of a second but it is all that matters.



Dez & Jo

Dez & Jo had tonnes of details at their wedding and they managed it without a wedding planner! My favorite detail was the rainbow cake Dez’s sister baked and the sign that came along with it (“A party without cake is just a meeting – Julia Child”).

Here are the pictures from this awesome wedding.


F a c e b o o k
2 0 1 4   T r a v e l s